Outline . . . Shmoutline!

I started the second Powerless book today and it took about a page and a half before I was reminded why I don’t outline. I’ve already deviated from the course I set for myself and you know what? That’s fine by me.

I know some authors who are meticulous outliners, top-notch strategic planners, and it works for them. But I really can do no more than follow LOOSE notes or scribbled ideas. There is just a certain kind of creative energy that I get when I am actually in the middle of a paragraph – a freedom that doesn’t come to me when I’m trying to think “big picture”.

The only other time I get that kind of idea storm is . . . well, when I’m in the tub. I know, I know. The rubber ducky is my muse.


One Response to “Outline . . . Shmoutline!”

  1. I’m more of an instinctive writer, myself. I like to follow the story thread wherever it takes me (even if that means a lot of unraveling afterward). No bouts of pre-planning–I figure if I don’t know where the hell the story is going, the reader won’t either.
    Many notes and corrections, editing to make it sound more natural. Polish it ’til it shines like a buffed gem…

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