Babies are excuses for buying yourself stuff. Really.

So while The Wife-All-Powerful has been buying little thumb-sized shoes and teeny-weeny plaid shorts for our expected baby boy, I’ve been quietly up to my own shopping – for books. I’ve been telling myself that I am assembling a library of children’s classics both new and old for the little tot, but as I type this and look at the ever increasing stack of tomes, yes tomes, that I feel compelled to buy, I think it’s time I came clean and admitted that I’m shopping for me.

Honestly, how many years is it going to be before he can enjoy a lavishly illustrated edition of Peter Pan or Treasure Island? And how will I react when he takes his little crayon set and draws his OWN treasure map on top of John Silver’s? Or when he gives the pan a mustache in red marker?

But I can’t help it. Those books are just so freaking cool, and try as I might, I cannot get up the enthusiasm to buy Baby’s First Book of Kittens and Colorful Geometric Shapes Produced on Sturdy Nibble-Friendly Cardboard or some such.



One Response to “Babies are excuses for buying yourself stuff. Really.”

  1. I hope these books are in Will’s growing library:

    Day Care can be nasty. He needs to know how to take care of himself:

    Because he’ll need these to secure his position on the playground:

    And, well… of course:

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