Robert Jordan

Picked up from Boing Boing that Robert Jordan died today.

I guess that there will be plenty of time for reflection upon his life and his works, there will be praise and there will be respectful criticism, too (I suspect that it will be mostly praise).

For my part when I think back on the Wheel of Time series, I remember mostly the thrill of being in my early twenties and discovering the joy of high fantasy again.  I picked up the second book in the series on lark – a bored summer read – and almost against my best of intentions, I was hooked.

I suspect that his unfinished opus will be regarded as one of the touchstones of a generation of fantasy writers – a writer that brought many of the faithful back to the fold.  And of course his books will always be a source of intense pleasure as well as critical debate.  And that, my friends, is one hell of a legacy to leave behind.


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