A Must-Read Miscellany

I wasn’t much of a reader as a kid. I came to the skill late. I didn’t start reading for pleasure until around age ten or eleven. (It’s ironic, but not necessarily atypical for someone in my profession. )

Sorry to say that throughout much of my boyhood, books were great for building forts for my GI Joes.

Except for my World Almanac phase. Every kid has his quirks, and one of mine was a short-lived obsession with the eclectic mix-mash of trivia and lists behind the yellow cover – god how I loved lists. Still do. I carried a dog-eared and coca-cola stained copy around with me at odd times. I peppered my speech with interesting facts about the cabinet of our 22nd and 24th president, Grover Cleveland (it’s true. look it up in your almanac)

That’s why this book makes so darn happy – Schott’s Miscellany is the almanac to end all almanacs. Oceanic Dead Zones? Check. Swimming the Amazon? Check. James Bond and Drinking? Check.


I’m so tickled with this book that it has earned its own tag. So go get one and let’s exchange useless, wickedly entertaining facts and figures. C’mon, do you know the list of Geipan and Alien Sightings 2007?


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