Read a Good Book – Help a Writer in Need

I just picked up from Ecstatic Days that that there is yet another freelance writer who needs a little help paying the medical bills. This time it’s Caitlín R. Kiernan, the popular writer of dark fantasy and horror. I don’t know Caitlín personally, but I do know plenty of other writers and artists who’ve ended up in the same predicament. It’s disturbing to see how many successful freelancers are forced to go without health insurance in this country. Too many Americans have to roll the dice against their health – forced to choose between insurance and the other necessities such as rent. Here’s to hoping that whichever party takes over the White House in January ’09, the two sides can finally sit down and do something about this national disgrace.

In the meantime, scoot over to Caitlín’s site and buy a book. A good read for a good cause.


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