My own pox party

I avoided the Chicken Pox for 34 years, and let me tell you when it finally catches up with you in a long dark alley – payback is hell.

Sorry about the lack of posting, but last Monday night I came down with a low grade fever that within a matter of days turned into a full blown case of the pox. It’s funny, when I was a small boy I used to envy the kids who got the Chicken Pox – two weeks off school. Sure there was some itchiness involved, but c’mon – two weeks off school!

It’s a whole different scenario when you’re an adult. Four days of fever and chills plus three days of itching. My wife urged me to post a picture of my pox-ridden self here on the blog but I never got around to taking the photo (too weak with fever . . . too . . . weak). So here’s a little visual approximation curtousy of WoW (I think it captures the emotional truth of the experience quite effectively):



4 Responses to “My own pox party”

  1. Get well soon!

  2. Alexandra Says:

    Ahhh, Gnomeregan. Good times.

  3. Did you get to bathe in oatmeal?

    I remember I did. It was surreal.

  4. mattcody Says:

    I avoided the oatmeal bath. I opted instead for pathetic moaning and barely stifled curses.

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