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Kid, it’s only going to get worse

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The Saloon is Open for Business!

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Miracle of miracles – I left the house the other night for beers and burgers with friends. Trust me, between deadlines and dirty diapers this is an event worth marking.

To sweeten the deal, the friends were some buddies from my old writing group, The Fantastic Saloon, and I’m happy to say that the band (as they say) is getting back together.

Writing groups are a unique thing  – I can’t really picture groups of painters, for example, huddling together over coffee and suggesting changes to each other’s works – “You know the yellow bit really works for me, but I just don’t buy the brushstrokes in the bottom corner there.  But maybe that’s just me.”

And in New York the various groups of speculative writers have taken on a certain prestige.  There are hard-to-get-into groups, boasting memberships of hot published writers and influential junior editors, as well as the countless groups of passionate unknowns.

The Saloon definitely belongs to the latter category.  But just look out, because we’re taking our vitamins.

Gary Gygax Eulogized in NY Times

Posted in Life, Miscellany on March 9, 2008 by Matt

So many know that geek patriarch Gary Gygax died last week. The co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons has been eulogized on so many blogs, on so many websites that I didn’t feel that I had much to add. D&D influenced an entire generation. It shaped the landscape of fantastical literature. It brought together the nerds who would go on to build the information technology of today.

And the New York Times has taken notice. God rest ye, Gary.


How do you write?

Posted in The Hundred Year-Old Book Club, Writing on March 6, 2008 by Matt

So how do you write?  I mean this literally – do you write at a keyboard, pecking away at your stories in the dead of night?  Or are you a cafe writer, pen and journal in hand?  Or are you a papyrus and peacock-quill sort of chap?

I ask because for the new book I am trying something new, myself.  I’ve always been glued to my laptop  and in some ways I think I am addicted to the glow of the computer screen.  So to shake things up, I’m trying the new book longhand.  I know several writers who work this way and they swear by it.

Plus, I can always use the practice in penmanship.  My handwriting has a palsy-like quality to it . . .

So my question is – How do you write?