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Steampunk Star Wars!

Posted in Miscellany on June 15, 2008 by Matt

In case you haven’t seen these yet.  So very cool.  More Here. Including Gaslight Justice League!


Congratulations all around!

Posted in Clarion, Speculative Fiction, Writing on June 10, 2008 by Matt

I owe a belated congratulations to two splendid people:

Fellow Clarion classmate and wicked-talent Catherine Cheek has just joined forces with Secret-Agent Exemplar Kate Schafer-Testerman to rock the world of adult speculative fiction.  Catherine (Kater to those in the know) is a multi-talented writer and graduate of the Clarion Class of 2007 (as is yours truly) and Kate is the owner of KT Literary (of which yours truly is a client).

It’s nice when good things happen to good people.

My boy.

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Posted in Comics, Miscellany, Speculative Fiction, Writing on June 1, 2008 by Matt

John Hodgman wrote a great review for today’s New York Times on comics. Though it still irks me that the Times tends to lump all genre material together for these kind of group reviews, it is nice to see them get some respected ink. The best part of his essay was the review of Jack Kirby’s reprinted Fourth World Omnibus – a psychedelic, epic space opera about warring gods and superheroes.


What tickled me so much about Hodgman’s review was the focus a classic superhero story. It’s become trendy, if not yet fashionable, to praise comics as a medium while ignoring the slightly awkward, pimply-faced gorilla in the room wearing tights. I wholeheartedly agree that comics is much more than men-and-women-in-capes, it’s a platform for telling all sorts of stories.

But I love superheroes. I love the history, the legacy of decades worth of stories written drawn by hundreds of writers and artists. Most of those writers faded into obscurity, and a few achieved a certain level of fame, but they all contributed to the greater whole, this enormous shared world mythology. There’s really nothing else like in popular culture.  We meet these characters when we are young and they stay with us forever.  Batman.  Superman. Spider-man.  How many different hands have touched their stories?  And how long will their stories go on?

Plus, I mean, c’mon. Admit it – Batman’s just  cool.

Obviously my baby wants a Kindle

Posted in Life, Writing on June 1, 2008 by Matt

This weekend was spent mostly hanging out with Baby Will, and we had a grand old time together reading, giggling and making spit bubbles. (I’m a slightly better reader but Will has got the giggling and spit bubble parts down pat).

It is remarkably hard to tear myself away from that little sprout and write. I often walk around the apartment moaning that “if I only had an office, I’d get so much more done” but I suspect that this is a bit of bunk. If I had a room down the hall, I would just be that much closer to the cute and therefore more easily tempted by it’s spit-bubble making trickery. The only thing the office would be good for would be displaying all of my geeky stuff. Comics, books, statues . . . on second thought the office is a fine idea. I’m back on the office train!

It’s a thing, I suppose. Time spent with Will is probably the most important job I have right now, but it’s a slippery balancing act. You’d think they would have licked this family/career thing long ago. Someone needs to get back to work on that, please.