Obviously my baby wants a Kindle

This weekend was spent mostly hanging out with Baby Will, and we had a grand old time together reading, giggling and making spit bubbles. (I’m a slightly better reader but Will has got the giggling and spit bubble parts down pat).

It is remarkably hard to tear myself away from that little sprout and write. I often walk around the apartment moaning that “if I only had an office, I’d get so much more done” but I suspect that this is a bit of bunk. If I had a room down the hall, I would just be that much closer to the cute and therefore more easily tempted by it’s spit-bubble making trickery. The only thing the office would be good for would be displaying all of my geeky stuff. Comics, books, statues . . . on second thought the office is a fine idea. I’m back on the office train!

It’s a thing, I suppose. Time spent with Will is probably the most important job I have right now, but it’s a slippery balancing act. You’d think they would have licked this family/career thing long ago. Someone needs to get back to work on that, please.


3 Responses to “Obviously my baby wants a Kindle”

  1. If nothing else the baby handler+writer combination will teach you to make use of five minute increments of free time…cause you’re not likely to get longer blocks.

  2. Hey, Roomie. I envy you for pulling off the stay-at-home Dad thing. I so want to do that!

    Must. Finish. Amazing. Novel.

  3. There is no greater joy in life as sitting in your office chair, feet up on the desk, with your baby sleeping in your arms. It is hard to type in that position, though. :0)

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