Will is turning one tomorrow, which means that I’ll have to change my categories from “Babies” to “Toddlers”.  This is absolutely breaking his poor mother’s heart.  She is wandering around the apartment wondering where her little handful of a baby went (actually he was never a handful, he was nicknamed the Champion by the hospital nurses).

Me, I’m all reflective and nostalgic.  The end of the year has come early for me – its a milestone.  This has me thinking a lot about 2008 and trying to figure out what it a was all about.  2007 was easy to figure – it was a big year.  In 2007 my wife got pregnant, I signed my first book contract, went to Clarion, had a crazy health scare that had a happy ending and, of course, Will was born.  Big freaking year.

2008, on a personal level, was much less momentous but just as important.  Powerless is done and ready to go but we are still 10 months away from publication.  At home its been all about raising Will to be a happy, healthy one-year old who gets all twitchy when he sees daddy’s original Millenium Falcon (proud of that, thank you very much).  2008 was not my most productive year as a writer, but in some ways I attribute that to all the really interesing stuff that was going on around me.  With the historic election, the financial meltdown, Phelps the Dolphin-Man and the cries of “apocalypse!” in publishing world, there was just too much distracting real-world stuff to look at.  In many ways 2008 has been about nesting in against the turmoil of the world outside and enjoying the stability of family (albiet a sleep-deprived stability).

In 2009, my first book will finally come out and I’ll finish writing my second.  Will’s going to be walking and talking.  I cannot wait to hear what he has to say.


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  1. One year old, eh? How soon till he saves the world?

  2. He has already foiled a plot or two, I suspect – the cats look sort of guilty and downtrodden of late.

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