A nice little audio interview with a terrific author (no, not that one!)

(but interviewer ain’t so bad himself!)

Following up on yesterday’s post about exciting blurbs by bestselling authors, I came across this nice, affordably-priced item on audible.com.  It’s a recording of an event featuring Jonathan Stroud, moderated by yours truly.  Over the course of 90 minutes Jonathan and I talked about his latest book Heroes of the Valley, and fielded questions from a very astute group of young readers.

There’s a bit in the middle where the kids are working on their own stories, and Jonathan and I cleverly covered our microphones so that we could share writerly secrets in the Secret Language of Children’s Authors (sorry, but if you heard it we’d have to kill you).  But do fast forward through the dead air and get to the part where the kids read their own stories out loud – really fantastic stuff!

Then spend some time crawling around the kid’s audible site as they also have some really good free downloads of classic stuff.  Free, unabridged Tell-Tale Heart anyone?  Really spice up that summer car trip . . .  thump-thump . . .  thump-thump . . . thump-thump . . .


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