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A big sigh of . . . relief?

Posted in New Book, Writing, YA Books on September 29, 2009 by Matt

Yesterday I turned in the New Book.  I sat at my keyboard, my finger poised over the “send” button, awaiting my fanfare or at the very least a hallway lined with hand-shakers and well-wishers.

What I got instead was a queasy stomach and an early pepto-bismal bedtime (but was it the book or the street falafal?)

It’s a hard thing to do, to put your baby out there into the world. Now, granted, “the world” is currently just my editor and my agent – both lovely people who want nothing but the best for me – and if it’s a bunch of 12-point, double-spaced junk they will let me know and we’ll shiny-up the messy bits long before any of you get a peek at it.

But it’s still hard to let it go.  Truth be told, I’ve been sitting on it for at least a month – making little tweaks here and there, only to go back the next day and tweak the tweaks back again.  Basically I could have and perhaps should have turned it in then, but there is just always that little Goblin on my shoulder telling me that inspiration, like a bolt from the blue, could strike tomorrow and illuminate all the hidden problems and untapped potential.

Shut up Goblin, I’m on a schedule here.

The book is done.

Now comes the hard part.


It’s a First!

Posted in Plugs, Powerless, Writing, YA Books on September 16, 2009 by Matt


One of the very nice bits of good news for Powerless has been Random House’s decision to include it in their “It’s a First” promotion.  This is where they pick a few first-timer titles every season and give them a little extra love.

There are some great looking books on this year’s Fall list and here’s the link to the site if you feel like checking them out.  PLUS you can download a pdf brochure with little excerpt from each book!

You know you’re in good hands when they feed you cupcakes

Posted in Life, Miscellany, Powerless on September 13, 2009 by Matt

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the marketing team at Random House for a little Powerless pre-publication pow-wow (alliteration, anyone?).  They were gracious, enthusiastic and made me feel like a real honest-to-goodness author.

And they fed me cupcakes.

I suspect that this is a privilege reserved for only the select few.  I suspect there are a whole host of authors out there who, upon reading this, might place a frantic early-Monday morning call to their agents and editors demanding to re-negotiate their contracts to insure a cupcake clause.  But I am sorry to share the following, daunting publishing facts with you:

  • Of the percentage of writers who garner the majority of their income from writing, less than 5% are given cupcakes.
  • Of that 5% (let’s call them the cupcake class), less than 3% are offered a choice of vanilla OR chocolate, and their quantities are severely limited.
  • This leaves a minuscule 1.5% of published authors who are provided a choice of cupcake flavors and encouraged to eat their fill.

Them’s the tough facts, folks.  So what I’m saying is – don’t quite carrying around your own snack cakes.