I Heart Borders Books!

As the publication date approaches, this wonderful Powerless review popped up on the Borders site written by none-other-than their head kids’ book buyer:

How would you feel if you could fly, but knew you’d soon lose that ability? How would you deal with a town bully so strong he can pick up cars? How can kids keep a secret from a whole town for generations?

These are some of the questions posed by Matthew Cody’s fantastic new middle grade novel Powerless which goes on sale on 10/27/09. Fan of comic books, super-heroes, and plain old good mysteries will love this book of friends banding together before they are overcome by a terrible fate.

But here’s my favorite part – a bit of a teaser:

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the villain in the story is one of the most interesting characters. While he is creepy, he may actually be doing good…

Are you hooked, yet?  Then go pre-order it today!  Otherwise some playground jerk will just spoil it before you have a chance to get a copy!

Follow the link here for the rest of the review, (just click on “Customer Reviews”).


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