The Pan Comes to Symphony Space!


One of the wonderful things about great literature is its timelessness – good stories stick with us for years and years.  Some of these stories are so beloved that the readers inevitably begin to clamor for more.  When we fall in love with a group of characters it’s only natural to ask what happened next, or what happened before . . .

Peter Pan is one of those great books and, happily, writers Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have given us the story of before with their series of prequels, the Starcatchers books.  The authors will be joining me at the Thalia Kids’ Book Club at Symphony Space on Sunday October 25th to talk about the latest book in the series, Peter and the Sword of Mercy.

Yours truly will be on hand to moderate the discussion (though I suspect they’ll need little help from me!) and renowned actor Jim Dale (the voice of the Harry Potter audiobooks) will join them for a reading and Q&A.

With those three sharing the same stage, I’m sure this will be a book club to remember, so get your tickets early!


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