The Powerless Top Ten . . . er, Nine! #7

Number 7: Escape to Witch Mountain and Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Escape to Witch mountain poster


Okay, so I cheated.  Today’s post is two-in-one, but I can explain.  You see, it’s about mountains.  Dark, mysterious mountains that loom over everything else.  There’s no backdrop so dramatic, so imposing, as that.

When I was very little, Disney released Escape from Witch Mountain and though I was little more than a toddler when I saw it, the movie stuck with me (I know there’s a remake but I’m stubborn about these things).  I honestly haven’t seen it since, not in thirty-some years, but I still remember the “boat wreck”, the mysterious box with two suns and, of course, the gifted brother and sister.  And then there was that name . . . . Witch Mountain . . . . it just lingered in my brain.

I was a bit older when I saw Close Encounters, and as an adult it’s still one of my favorites.  While it’s pure coincidence that both of these movies are about UFO’s (I’m not really a sci-fi writer) it’s no coincidence that the mountains in each are directly connected to a mystery from the heavens.  The final images of Close Encounters that take place on and around that mountain, beneath a black and cloudy sky, were forefront in my head throughout much of the writing of Powerless.

You know what?  After writing this entry, I’ve gone and updated my Netflix que.  Hope the family is up for a movie marathon this weekend.


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