Powerless Top Ten . . . er, Nine! #6

Number 6: The Hobbit


This one shouldn’t take much explanation.  The Hobbit is a classic, but it holds a special place in my heart because of its hero, Bilbo Baggins.  The awkward, not-particularly-brave-and-certainly-not-fearsome burglar.  Around the time that I discovered The Hobbit (thanks to a swell middle-school librarian) I was dealing with my own issues of feeling a bit less-than.  Middle School can be a rough place for the best looking and most socially graceful of us, and I was certainly not either of those things.  So it was a wonderful surprise when I found this book where the unlikeliest of heroes escaped the goblins, rescued his friends from the spiders and outwitted a dragon.

There was nothing particularly special about Bilbo.  He had a bit of luck on his side, and a few powerful friends to be sure, but what made this little hobbit really remarkable was a rather unremarkable trait – persistence.  The little guy just never gave up, despite his grumbling and in the face of terrifying odds he just kept slogging through it all.  He put his head down,  one foot in front of the other and tried his best to be clever.

And in the end (small spoiler warning, here, folks) he won.


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