The Powerless Top Ten . . . er, Nine! #4

Number 4: The Teen Titans


It should come as no surprise to anyone that I love team books.  Solo heroes and dark knights are just fine and dandy but give me a slightly dysfunctional “family” of superheroes and I am in geek heaven.  And when I was a kid, there was no better team book than the Teen Titans.

Sure, there were (and, of course, still are) the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.  The Avengers and the Justice League.  But the Teen Titans were the coolest of the cool. Take a group made up of all the teenage sidekicks – Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl (plus a few oddballs like a green shape-changing boy and a witch) and pit them against the baddest adult baddies in the DC Universe, and you’ve made a book especially for me.  It was a soap opera in spandex and capes, and I loved it.

Truth is, I’m still a fan, and imagine my thrill when I found out that Powerless ads will be appearing in Teen Titans comics this November!  The little kid, heck, the adult in me is hopping with joy.  Get yours as soon as you can because I’m snatching up as many as I can for the scrapbook.


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