The Big Day and an Awesome Gift

Funny, the day your first book arrives on the shelves several things DO NOT happen:

  • You do not get an envelope marked “Publication Vacation” and filled with plane tickets and cash.
  • You do not get called “m’lord” by passerbys and lesser-thans.
  • Swelling Music does not play as you enter book stores.

Several things DO happen, however:

  • You get lots of very nice well-wishes from friends and professionals and friendly professionals.
  • You get to see your book on bookshelves.
  • You get to take care of your sick child, clean runny noses and take temperatures like usual and make them feel better and that’s actually pretty swell.

And if you’re really lucky your world’s best wife and brilliant best friend conspire to create this illustration from your book’s prologue:


Intrigued by the picture?  Well, lucky you the book’s on sale! Get thee to a bookery!

The artists (best friend’s) name is Kristopher Pollard and he’s a freelancer based out of the midwest.  If you like what you see contact him at for a look at his online portfolio.  It’s worth it!


2 Responses to “The Big Day and an Awesome Gift”

  1. jenn thomas & felic Says:

    M’Lord Sir MAtthew Codyness…

    WeeFelix FLynn just sent you an envelope FILLED with a buttload of cash….

    i tell you the kid is LOADED….!!

    again, sooo cornball….but amazingly proud…
    giant love
    jt & felix

  2. […] is a kind of cool picture featuring an element from the book drawn by Kristopher Pollard […]

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