The Powerless Top Ten . . . er, Nine! #3

Number 3: Peter Pan




Confession time.  I was scared of Peter Pan.  Sure I loved pirates.  Tinkerbell was cute.  The crocodile was cool.  But flying boys hovering outside of windows at night?  Scarrry!

I used to avoid looking out my second story bedroom window for fear that I’d see a mischievous grin smiling back at me (the werewolves were all down on the ground, so I was safe from them).

Today I’ve grown to love the original story – so full of unexplainable magic, child‘s magic – and I even love Peter.  But back then the image of a kid hovering outside, in the dark, well, it was spooky even before Stephen King got a hold of it for Salem’s Lot.

I’ve written about Pan in short stories and a bit of it made its way into Powerless.  There are themes in that book that keep coming back in my work – one way or another.

If you think happy thoughts, you can fly.

You Can Fly.



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