Powerless Top Ten . . . er, Nine . . . oh let’s just finish this up for Pete’s sake!

I am bad at deadlines.  Publishers deadlines, house-cleaning deadlines and apparently blogging deadlines.  I had, of course, intended to count down to the auspicious debut of my first book with this walk down memory lane but seeing as the book came out LIKE TWO WEEKS AGO I think we’d better wrap this segment up.  And fast.

Number Two & One: Marvel and DC, Respectively




If there was any one formative medium of entertainment during my childhood it was superhero comics.  Now granted, I was a big nerd and my geekery did not stop there.  Star Wars, sci-fi and fantasy books, Dungeons and Dragons – they were all a part of my growing up, but the superhero comics put out monthly by the Big Two were my bread and butter.  My very first part time job was doing odds and ends at a comic book shop and they paid me in – you guessed it – comic books.


A quick anecdote – some years ago, while I was still working at unfinished short stories and working up the courage to actually attempt a novel, I got it in my head that I wanted to write comic books, too. Being a bit naive, I started submitting scripts to various publishers and earning my first form rejections – my first badges of honor.  Needing guidance, I took a class at NYU on comics script writing and got the chance to meet some very nice professionals, both editors and writers.  One of the editors from the Big Two gave us some sage advice that is, in part, responsible for where I am today.  When asked how one goes about getting into the business of writing comics he gave a succinct, five-word answer:

“Get published somewhere else first.”

It wasn’t too long after that I began my first book (which I finished and quickly put into a drawer to never see the light of day again).  But my second book was Powerless, and that worked out quite nicely.

Now, it would be overstating it to say I started writing novels so that I might someday get the chance to write superhero comics, but it wouldn’t be an outright lie.

(And I’m still waiting.  Ahem, ahem.)


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