Boys do too read! (I should know, I am one)

There’s a lot of talk these days about the reading habits of boys.  There’s this idea floating around out there that boys of a certain age, say, 9-12, (or what I like to call the swell age of cool) do not read.  The common wisdom is that they are too busy with their PSP’s or X-Box three-millions to pick up a book.  Girls read and they like books about lovelorn vampires – the rest need not apply.

Hogwash.  Balderdash.  (insert own old-fashiony sounding outrage here)

Boys do read, we just need to give them books that they want to read (hint, the word ‘lovelorn’ should not appear anywhere in the summary).  Give them action and adventure and humor, but give it to them in a good book – one that respects their intelligence and doesn’t talk down to them.

Tonight I had the pleasure of having coffee with fellow boys-lit scribe Aaron Starmer, the author of the awesome DWEEB, and he confirmed my own suspicions.  The boys are there and they want something to read – they love a good story just like anyone else – it’s just our job to give it to them.

So you see that, boys?  See how I stood up for you there in the face of public disdain? See how I got your back?  So, since we are all best friends now, have you heard of this little book out there called POWERLESS?  I hear it’s pretty good . . .


4 Responses to “Boys do too read! (I should know, I am one)”

  1. Your book is awesome! it was exactly the kind of book i hopeing for. Ican’t stop saying that the book is so awesomely awesome! I’m looking for the DWEEB book now. It’s kind of sad that the book is over because that was the best book I ever read and i’m a boy. I hope you can make it a series. THAT BOOK WAS SO GOOD!

  2. I KNEW it! Thanks for confirming my suspicions. It’s not that boys don’t want to read, but that it gets harder and harder for them to find books worth reading as they get older. Especially in the YA section of the bookstore… ugh!

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Lia. But there are some great books for boys out there – more and more each day.

    For a great teen boy read I suggest THE MAZE RUNNER. It’s great!

  4. […] since first coming across the term “boy lit” in Powerless author Matthew Cody’s blog, I’ve had a special eye on my nephews’ literacy […]

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