How do you say “Super” in Italian?

I got a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday via overseas Fed-Ex: a wonderful middle grade novel called SUPER.  Don’t know who that hack author Matthew Cody is, but the cover looks cool . . .

UPDATE: Here’s a blow-up of the back cover.  I like this almost more than the front!

This is exciting for me because its my first look at one of the foreign editions of POWERLESS.  This Italian version is published by Mondadori, and I’m expecting to see something from our German publishers soon.

What is perhaps the coolest thing about seeing these books is that it’s like looking at an alternate universe version of your work.  I’m half expecting this one to grow a goatee.  You get so used to the US version (which I still LOVE) – the cover, the jacket design, etc – that seeing something like this is like seeing the “book that could have been.”  The story is, of course, the same (or at least I assume it is. Anyone read Italian?) but the cover sets up the readers expectations in such a strong way, I wonder how different the experience will be for readers of SUPER and the readers of POWERLESS will be.

I can’t wait to see more!

Speaking of covers, I’ve been seeing sketches for THE DEAD GENTLEMAN and I just wish I could put them up here.  What I loved about the POWERLESS cover was the playfulness and the irony that fit that book so perfectly.  But there is nothing playful about THE DEAD GENTLEMAN cover – it is adventurous, creepy, and perfect.

Different book.  Different cover.  Happy author.


3 Responses to “How do you say “Super” in Italian?”

  1. This is SOOO cool! Thanks for sharing! I don’t think I would ever have occasion to see the Italian version of Powerless otherwise, and I really loved the book. I kinda like this version better, but don’t tell the American cover. It’s cute, too.

    Ya know. It’s all a matter of taste.

    Can’t wait to see The Dead Gentleman cover, too!

  2. Very Cool! I included Powerless in my “Ten in Ten” talk at the PTO meeting on Tuesday. I chose ten fun summer reads and tried to keep the talk to ten minutes.


  3. Katrina, I should scan in the image on the back cover – I like it almost better than the front.

    And thanks Brenda for the plug! Ten in Ten – what a great idea!

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