Vote POWERLESS 2011! I Heart New Hampshire!

I’m taking a few minutes away from the Clarion Write-a-Thon to thank the good folks at CHILIS (that’s the Children’s Librarians of New Hampshire for those of you in-the-know) for nominating POWERLESS for the 2010-2011 New Hampshire Great Stone Face Award!

This award will be voted on by a fourth through sixth graders throughout the state (fitting, for the state with the first Primary of the election season, eh?  Ah, democracy! Love it!).  The voting will take place next April during National Library Week, so that’s a long time for New Hampshire kids to get their hands on a copy of POWERLESS and give it their democratic stamp of approval.  If you know any fourth through sixth graders in the Granite State, feel free to send them a box of chocolates with my name on it.  Or maybe we can start a yard-sign campaign?  POWERLESS 2011!  I could do a bus tour and discuss children’s issues over pancake breakfasts.  Now we just need a rugged, independent-sounding motto . . .

Thank you so much to the GSF Committee for nominating my little-book-that-could for this very cool award!


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