Clarion Write-a-Thon: Seeing Old Friends

Clarion Write-a-Thon: Overcome your Inertia

We’re deep into the Write-a-Thon now, and thanks again to those who’ve donated!  Of course, I am also deep into work on the new POWERLESS book.  Being a part of this writing pledge drive has made me very nostalgic for those Clarion weeks – right now this year’s writers should be getting into the groove, adjusting to the fast-paced workload, getting to know their peers and teachers, and, hopefully. spending every free minute near the ocean.  I envy them!

Working on the new POWERLESS book is like seeing old friends again.  But here’s the question – how much have those friends grown up?  Or more accurately, how much should I let them grow up?

I’m a fan of big story arcs. I love series precisely because I enjoy seeing the characters change and grow over the course of a long journey.  But not too much.

That’s the key, I think, and that’s the question that I’m currently wrestling with on the new book.  How much do I let them grow up? Time has passed between book one and two, and Daniel and his friends are getting older, but the story of POWERLESS – the big story spanning more than one book – is about kids.  I have nothing against teens, or teen-angsty girls or boys or even vampires, but POWERLESS is not about any of that.

The goal here is to let Daniel and the other characters live and learn, to get older, without losing that sweet spot just on the cusp of childhood and adolescence.  I loathe the word tween, but the general idea is right.  Not to be too precious about it, but it’s like the autumn of childhood – the leaves are turning, but there are still a few sunny, warm days left to play in.

Now, off to choose which character should fall in love with the new vampire hot boy.


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  1. turtles are not meant to do that.

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