New York Comic Con

For those  of you in the greater NYC area October 8-10th (or those foolhardy travelers brave enough to risk the journey east on foot or horse).  Come to the New York Comic Con!  It’s a terrific show, fun for the whole family (really, there are some comic conventions that give me the willies, but this one is awesome).  If you plan on coming, download the app for your iphone or android – it’s very cool  (and you check out the app guest list you get to see my smiling face peeking out you from your phone. I’m in your phone!)

I’ll be at the con all weekend, geeking out over my favorite creators and wandering the floor. So if you see me looking overwhelmed, say hi and buy me a coke. But especially if you are there on Kids Day, Sunday Oct. 10th, I’ll be participating in two very cool events.  At 11 am I’ll be moderating a panel on the wonderful new historical/fantasy graphic novel The Sons of Liberty. Come by to see the creators of this cool new series (and yours truly, of course).  Then at 3pm I’ll be at the Random House Childrens Booth signing copies of Powerless. I might even have a few give-aways . . .

Here’s the complete Sunday schedule of Cody-relevant Sunday events:

MATTHEW CODY In-booth Signing—Sunday, Oct. 10th, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Random House Children’s Books Booth #2223

The Sons of Liberty, a Graphic Novel: The New World of Historical Fiction

Sunday, October 10th 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Panel Room 4

THE SONS OF LIBERTY, a new graphic-novel quartet for middle grade readers and beyond tells the story of two young slaves in the wake of the Revolutionary War. History is brought to life in full color by the illustration of Marvel Comics veteran Steve Walker and Oren Kramek. As the story unfolds, readers journey to the darker corners of our nation’s earliest days. Laden with action-packed scenes, historic heroes, and equal parts fantasy and realism, THE SONS OF LIBERTY charters new territory in both graphic and historical novels. Readers young and old will not be able to put this engrossing story down until the heroes get the freedom they deserve. Join authors Alexander Lagos and Joseph Lagos and illustrators Steve Walker and Oren Kramek in conversation with moderator Matthew Cody about the creation of this new series.



Illustrators Steve Walker & Oren Kramek


MATTHEW CODY (Author of Powerless)


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