Comic Con: The Exhausted Debrief


Trying to help out a fellow con-goer with some hygiene tips.

New York Comic Con came and went, and not a toothy orc nor the dreaded con-crud cold could keep me away. I was there for all three days of geek-joy.  I had a terrific time seeing friends from far away places, and seeing far-out things with local friends (did I mention the toothy orc?)

My wife asked me what my favorite part of the con was, and I fell into a flashback sensory-overloaded coma. There was really so much to see this year and so many people. Soooo many people. Even expanding to take over the entire Javitz center wasn’t enough to fit all of Saturday’s attendees.

But what I love about this con, (other than the Michael Jackson Dance Stage complete with smoke machine, which is, of course, a con tradition dating back to Stan and Jack’s young man days). No, what I love about the con is the enthusiasm and wide-eyed celebration for all things geeky.  Comics are spectacle, a mix of words and images that are given meaning by your brain and played inside your head like the most awesome 3-D that could ever be created.  And so it’s fitting to have you mind blown, to some extent or another, by this con.

And mine was blown. Up. And Stepped on. Twice.

And I can’t wait for next year!



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