In 2011, The Dead Gentleman is at the door!

In the spirit of showing off covers, here’s a sneak peak at my next book, The Dead Gentleman.  But first, a teaser from Chapter One:

“There’re things you need to know . . .  The closet door in the dark room – there are monsters in there.  The reason you’re afraid to let your arm dangle when you’re sleeping is because things are waiting under the bed for you.  The space under the stairs is bigger than the space above it and people do disappear there.  Attics can be wonderful or deadly and when you’re alone at home and feel eyes watching you – those are real, too.  An overgrown garden’s never just an overgrown garden and an old basement’s never, ever just an old basement.
I don’t have much time.  But you’ve got to be warned.  Keep safe and trust your instincts.  Be careful.  Be smart.  Be afraid.  The Dead Gentleman’s coming.”

And now, the cover with art by the very talented Odessa Sawyer:

What do you think?


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