The Movie News! Powerless Optioned!

Okay, maybe Hugh Laurie's a bit old for Daniel . . .

Okay, I can now officially spill the beans which I have been leaking all over the place for the last few months – POWERLESS has been optioned by David Foster, writer/producer on a little television show called House MD. (Kids, if you haven’t seen it, ask your folks first. Mr. House can be little . . . blunt.)

I’m just thrilled with this news, not only because, well, I like having my little book-that-could get some glittery tinsel town attention, but because House is one of the smartest shows on television. I like to think it was Daniel’s Sherlock Holmes obsession that caught their attention (after all, House is really the best American Holmes played by a British actor ever. Think about it.) Or perhaps, it’s just as simple as everyone dreams of flying, even in Hollywood.

Whatever the case may be, I’m as pleased as punch.

Of course, the road between here and POWERLESS THE BIG TIME MOVIE is still long, winding and full of precarious boulders perched atop crumbling ledges over spike-filled pitfalls (you get the idea, yes?) but that doesn’t dampen the good news.

Hooray for Hooooollywood!  (now you are going to be humming that tune all day, aren’t you?)


2 Responses to “The Movie News! Powerless Optioned!”

  1. I am so HAPPY infact I just wrote an e-mail to Matthew about that. I had no idea it was already being thought of! I’m so happy. I wish I could play Mollie.

  2. I love powerless!!!!!! It is the best book I have ever read in my whole entire life (to kill a mockingbird is the second). I would love to play Rohan.

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