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Writing in Graveyards . . .

Posted in Appearances, Plugs, Powerless, The Dead Gentleman, Writing on July 27, 2011 by Matt

Yesterday I spent the day with the young readers and writers of the Thalia Kids Book Club Camp, hosted here in NYC by Symphony Space. This is a TERRIFIC camp, where the kids get to spend their days with professional authors and illustrators, while working on their own creative writing skills in the process.

And if they are spending the day with me, they will end up in a graveyard.

This was my second visit to the camp, having taken the a group of campers on a tour of the Random House offices back when Powerless came out. So I was thrilled when they asked me back to talk about The Dead Gentleman. We spent the morning at Symphony Space, then I dragged them out to Trinity Cemetery, where I told them to write something mind-blowingly terrific or I’d be leaving them behind . . . bwa-ha-ha!

Truth be told, we found a lot of inspiration among those old stones, and I witnessed some really imaginative writing going on, threats notwithstanding. Here are a few pics from the day, but check out the Thalia Camp’s Blog for more:

Talking about steampunk!


A poor camper made to suffer through my writing lesson.


The campers and I pose with some of the graveyard's residents


Citizen Steel: The Man with Metal Skin! (He’s no Devil Dinosaur . . .)

Posted in Comics, New Book, Powerless, Shameless, The Dead Gentleman, Writing, YA Books on July 4, 2011 by Matt

It’s no secret that I harbor a long-time love of superhero comic books. I still remember my first number one issue – Devil Dinosaur! Something about a red tyrannosaurus and his monkey-boy sidekick. Man, that’s a killer concept!

So it was a real dream come true this week to see my name in my first honest-to-goodness funnybook

JSA 80-Page Giant 2011 is an anthology of short stories spotlighting the various members of the Justice Society of America. My story featured Citizen Steel (him on the cover!) and Jay Garrick (the golden age Flash, you whippersnapper!) with art by the super-talented Tim Seeley. (It is rated Teen-Plus, however, so don’t give it to your little brother. Tell him to go find some age-appropriate comics. Might I recommend Devil Dinosaur?)

I had a blast working on this, and I’m happy to say you’ll be seeing some more comics-related stuff coming from me this year, though I can’t announce any of it just yet. But between the novels (The Dead Gentleman, Powerless Sequel) and the comics work, it’ll be a busy 2011-2012!


ps- If any of my editors are reading this I have a Devil Dinosaur pitch ready that will knock your socks off! C’mon, the fans demand it! (or this fan at least)