Nice Booklist review for The Dead Gentleman!

I hinted at this a few weeks ago, but in today’s issue of Booklist there’s a very nice review for The Dead Gentleman. I particularly like the (very accurate) list of homages towards the end! Here’s the full text of the review:

The Dead Gentleman.
Cody, Matthew (Author)
Nov 2011. 288 p. Knopf, hardcover, $15.99. (9780375855962). Knopf, library edition, $18.99.
Two young New Yorkers from different eras unite to save the world from an invasion of zombies led by an elegant, corpse-wearing darkling. Shuttling among worlds, times, and points of view, Cody chronicles the recruitment of Tommy, a street urchin from 1901, into a wormhole-traveling Explorer’s Society menaced by the powerful and mysterious Dead Gentleman. Guided by a device that can peer through time, Tommy contacts 12-year-old Jezebel a century into his future and tasks her with protecting an enigmatic clockwork bird that holds the key to the Gentleman’s ability to conquer our planet. Despite all the quick changes and fortuitous coincidences, readers will enjoy watching the two quarreling protagonists take on zombies and other creepy-crawlies on the way to a fiery, if inconclusive, air battle over the Hudson River. Chucking in elements of steampunk, Jules Verne, and Edgar Rice Burroughs along with vampires, three-armed aliens, inscrutable monks, closet monsters, and even dinosaurs, Cody pays tribute to classic adventure authors and genres here as he dishes up an exciting time-travel tale.
— John Peters


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