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It’s time for YallFest Y’all!

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The schedule has been posted, the streets of Charleston cordoned off, and locals are hiding their cookie jars because the authors are coming to town!


Here’s the schedule for this weekend’s festivities, but I’ll point out a few things I’ll be involved in below (The Storyball will be particularly nuts):



CMH: THE MIDDLE GRADE STORYBALL Pseudonymous Bosch, Adam Gidwitz, Lisi Harrison, Alexander London, Lisa McMann, Barnabas Miller, Lauren Oliver, Carrie Ryan, Natalie Standiford, JE Thompson, Sean Williams (All Middle Grade Authors will be on stage!) Moderator: Matthew Cody


BALLROOM: WRITING FOR KIDS Matthew Cody, Adam Gidwitz, Lisa McMann, Carrie Ryan,, C. Alexander London Moderator: Pseudonymous Bosch


CMH: YA Smackdown SOLD OUT


A Scurrilous National Book Tour (with updates!)

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I’ll be traveling the country this fall talking about Will in Scarlet to any vagabonds and scallywags that will listen! Below is the schedule of where you can find me and when. Be sure to check back for updates as we get closer to the actual dates!


Friday, October 4th

Voracious Reader (Larchmont, NY)

Sunday, October 13th

New York Comic-Con : The Magic of Storytelling Panel – 10:45 am in hall 1A17

Tuesday, October 15th 

Lemuria Books (Jackson, MS) Signing 5:00 pm

Thursday, October 17th

The Country Bookshop (Southern Pines, NC) Signing 4:00 pm

Friday, October 18th

McIntyre’s Books (Chapel Hill, NC) School visits. Not open to the public.

Saturday, October 19th

Barnes & Noble (Cary, NC) Signing 4:00 pm

Sunday, October 20th

Barnes & Noble (Skokie, IL) This event has been canceled

Monday, October 21st

Anderson’s Bookshop (Downer’s Grove, IL) Signing 7:00 pm

Tuesday, October 22nd

The Book Stall (Winnetka, IL) Signing 4:30 pm

Saturday, October 26th

Books of Wonder (New York City, NY) Fantastic Middle Grade Reads Panel 1:00 pm

Friday, November 1st

The Center for Fiction (New York – not open to the public)

Sunday, November 3rd

Northshire Bookstore (Saratoga, NY) Time TBD

Saturday, November 9th

YALLFest (Charleston, SC) Schedule TBD


Craft vs. Conscience: Thoughts on the Movie MAN OF STEEL

Posted in Comics, Life, Miscellany, Movies, Superheroes, Writing on June 23, 2013 by Matt

This is not a review of the movie Man of Steel. Mainly because I’m not a good critic, and my review would read something like this – “I saw Man of Steel and l liked parts of it. Other parts, not so much.”

See? Useless review. But I have had some people, readers mainly, ask me what I thought of it. It’s probably because I write a series of books about superheroes and, let’s be honest, the Superman myth hangs over my books like a big . . . thing that hangs over books.

So no review here (unless you count the above, in which case you are awfully easy to please.) What I do want to write about is the story that they told, why I think several of the more controversial choices were interesting from a storytelling perpective, and whether in the end I would have made those same choices.

So if you are interested in reading that, put on your Spoiler Boots and read on! (seriously though, I’m going to spoil the dickens of it. Be warned.)


First of all: the controversy. What most folks seem to want to know is how I feel about Superman’s final act, in which he kills General Zod. I’d actually had this bit spoiled for me before seeing the movie (thanks Twitter) so I don’t know how shocked I would have been if I hadn’t seen it coming, or how that would have affected my reaction. That being said . . . I wasn’t all that shocked. As a matter of fact, I thought it was one of the more honest resolutions I’ve seen in a superhero story in quite a while.

“What?” I hear you screaming. “You think it’s okay for Superman to murder? What about when you wrote this!

Relax, put down that plate. No, I don’t think it’s okay for Superman to murder, and I don’t think Superman as portrayed in the film thinks it’s okay either. He’s forced into an impossible situation, and is immediately filled with remorse and shame because of his action.

But let’s consider the alternative typical Hollywood solution: in most films Superman would not have killed Zod himself, but Zod would have conveniently brought about his own death in some kind of last ditch attack. (See Spiderman, see Batman Begins, see Superman II for goodness sake! That’s three Kryptonians who fall to their doom in that one.)

That’s the Hollywood cop-out. Give the audience their catharsis by killing the bad guy, but excuse the hero from any culpability because he didn’t pull the trigger. And that’s lazy storytelling. The makers of this story went a different direction, one fraught with moral implications and repercussions. It served to deepen what is basically “Superman Begins.”

Same thing with Pa Kent. Far from the true moral compass that we’ve seen in other versions, this Pa was a source of doubt in Clark. He instilled in his son fear – the fear of being discovered as different. Sure he was loving and full of pithy sayings, but he was also a therapist’s dream (and here I thought Batman was the hero with daddy issues.) But this decision wasn’t made lightly, I’m sure. Again, it gave Clark depth, inner conflict and a character arc to follow.

So craft-wise, I get both those decisions. They yield story potential, they serve what I am sure was the corporate mandate of “shake this franchise up!”

Now, back to Zod. Would I have ended it like that? That’s the question that I am getting asked, so here is the answer at long last:


Even though I understand and, in some ways, respect the decision of those storytellers, I would not have made the same decision they did. Because I think that with Superman, heck with superheroes in general, there is always another way. They are aspirational, they are inspirational. Even with all their faults and foibles, at the end of the day they inspire wonder because they can do the things we cannot. They think of possible solutions to impossible problems, like how to stop Zod from killing others, without killing him yourself (if only there were a Phantom Zone to toss him into . . .)

Folks might say, “but that’s not realistic.” Nope. Neither is a guy flying around in a cape. We’re telling a myth here, and mythology deals in wonders. Go find another genre if that doesn’t suit you. The body count is high out there in fiction these days, so you won’t have to look far.

Which brings me again to did I like the movie? Parts of it I did, and parts I didn’t. I think it’s obvious which ones.

New Book Announcement! The sequel to SUPER due in 2014.

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I’m glad I can finally (officially) let the cat out of the bag! In 2014 the third, and final, book in the POWERLESS series of books will be released. I can’t give away any details this early, but the title alone is a major spoiler!

(drum roll)

So look for VILLAINOUS in 2014 from Knopf Books for Young Readers!

mystery book

Hitting the Road with SUPER! (Where I’ll be Fall 2012 edition!)

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SUPER is finally out in stores and to make sure you all buy at least three copies a piece (one to give, one to read, and one to enclose in a hermetically-sealed case for all time) I will be hitting the road this October and November!

October 14th:  New York Comic Con – Panel Discussion and signing.

October 18th: Anderson’s Bookshop, Naperville, IL

October 19th: The Book Stall, Winnetka, IL

October 20th: Illinois School Library Media Association 2012 Conference

*October 24th: Harleysville Books, Harleysville, PA

Nov. 4th: McNally Jackson Books w/ Gotham Writers Workshop, New York, NY

Nov. 14th: Wachtung Booksellers, Montclair NJ

Nov. 15th: RJ Julia Booksellers, Madison CT

* note the date of this event has been updated

Keep checking this site because there are more appearances to come!

Pre-Order this book!

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Hey, do you know what comes out in just two weeks? Guess? Okay, here’s a hint – SUPER, the sequel to my award-winning novel POWERLESS! (subtle, I’m not)

You can pre-order at your favorite local bookstore, or by following any of the bookstore links on the book page.

And don’t forget, Halloween is right around the corner, and that means millions of trick-or-treaters going from door to door asking you to fill their bags with copies of my books . . .
Don’t ruin a great American tradition!

First Official SUPER Fan Letter (redacted)!

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A couple of weeks ago, I ran a contest on my email newsletter to win an advanced reading copy of SUPER (what? you didn’t know about it? Sign up here to stay informed!) Among the winners was Maddie from Minnesota and this weekend Maddie sent me a very nice letter to tell me what she thought of it. So here it is (with just a little FBI-style redaction to prevent major plot spoilers!)


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Matthew Cody,

I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe I was one of the names drawn from your mailing list to read Super! I received it in the mail on Monday and quickly read to chapter ten. The next day I finished it. I really liked it. My favorite part was definitely when everyone XXXXXXXXXX, but it was funny when Georgie XXXXXXXXXXXX.

I think Super is right up there with Powerless on my reading scale. I’m rereading it again. I liked XXXXXXX dramatic XXXXXXX, and the XXXXX, and Theo Plunkett–there was lots of good suspense. And the final conclusion, XXXXXXXXXX.

I liked it so much, that I ended up drawing the front cover! ↴ All in all, Super was an awesome book!


Your fan,